Shaping the Avenue will use form-based codes and transit-oriented development principles to translate the community’s vision into a set of guidelines for how building and streets will develop in the future. We’ve prepared a glossary of terms along with a list of suggested links that will explain the technical terms we will be using throughout the project. We want everyone to feel comfortable and knowledgeable as we go along. If you have questions, please visit the Engage! page.


Project  Resources

Glossary of Terms


Project Summary

General Summary

Lansing Summary

East Lansing Summary

Meridian Township Summary


Form-Based Codes

Form Based Codes Institute

Congress for the New Urbanism

National Charrette Institute


Transit-Oriented Development

Designing for Transit-Oriented Development Tri-Fold

Transit Oriented Development Resources

Transit Oriented Development

CATA Guide to Designing for Transit-Oriented Development



Related Plans and Studies

Capital Corridor Study (2014)



Master Plan

Draft Form-Based Code

Walking and Biking Plan


East Lansing

Comprehensive Plan

Non-motorized Plan


Meridian Township

Master Plan


Lansing Township

Master Plan


Shaping the Avenue: Resource Videos